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Mitch is a highly experienced recording engineer from Sydney, Australia. Mitch brings over two decades of expertise as an audio engineer and producer, collaborating with renowned artists on an international scale working in studios in both Los Angeles and Australia. 


 His commitment to excellence is backed by a Recording Engineer Diploma earned in the heart of Los Angeles, showcasing his dedication to mastering the art and science of audio engineering. 


Mitch's proficiency extends beyond music, encompassing a rich tapestry of experiences in television, having made significant contributions at esteemed networks like Network Ten and FOXTEL mixing and sound designing for Longform, shortform, promos and all types of projects.

For a glimpse into Mitch's impressive body of work and the diverse projects he's been a part of, explore his portfolio here.

How can mixing help?

Mixing can elevate your song from a collection of recordings to a captivating sonic journey. It's the magic that balances instruments, empowers vocals, and creates a cohesive, immersive experience. With expert mixing, your song gains depth, clarity, and emotional resonance, ensuring that every note resonates with the listener and leaves an indelible impact.

Check out a number of projects Mitch has mixed in the player to the right.


TV Portfolio

The Revenant Trailer made for Promax Australia 2017

Trailer for the launch of Wentworth TV show

Finding Nemo sound competition

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